The Waffle House Solution

Hello, and welcome to our Waffle House Solution.

My name is Ed Freeney, and I am a long time customer of waffle house in real life! I actually love the cheesesteak omelet with cheese grits cooked to order, just the way I like every time. I also witness the waste to go orders can I know this mobile app can eliminate the to go order waste while reducing table turn time. But the benefits and opportunities do not stop there. Our digital marketing tools would help the waffle house with marketing, recruiting and much more.

The waffle house order and call system is simple, effective and proven. Happy customers are in, and out in 20 minutes or less with a meal cooked from scratch. And the mobile app I propose would not change a thing, BUT, the to go orders would be paid for, before they are even called to the cook, and this will cut waste instantly, and pay for my companies development cost over a short period of time!
That concludes our Waffle House Solution, thanks for listening.
I am actually a “Virtual Sales Agent” and i can help you get this solution and more ! I was developed by Freeney IT Solutions.

Freeney IT Solutions is a network of highly skilled programmers developing applications and strategies focused mainly on foot traffic and sales.
At Freeney IT Solutions the application development process is simple as 1 2 3 and totally risk-free.

The first step, You tell me a little bit about your project, and i will schedule a meeting you and a project manager to discuss the recommended functions and the foreseen benefits. Then the project manager will schedule a meeting with you, your team members, and our highly skilled programmers to define your project.
Once your project is totally defined, you will receive a project proposal with all the details.
We only require 10 percent of the project cost to start, and monthly installment plans are available.
Freeney IT Solutions is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A Plus rating and when you purchase from us we become partners on a mission for your success!

If you are interested in a “Virtual Sales Agent” or any application Functions for your website, or social media page text me a 404-567-2634 again that number is 404-567-2634.
in real life, my name is Ed Freeney i am a project manager with Freeney IT Solutions, and I look forward to working with you.

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